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Words and Pictures
by Charles Bogle
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A Daily Comic Strip About a Boy and his Newt...
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"Hello, Cleveland!"
by Charles Bogle
Welcome Newcomers!
If this is your first time to our little webcomic, welcome.

"Hello, Cleveland!" is a three times-per-week comic strip

On our off days, we run a
'Classic Cleveland' episode for those of you who came in late

For newcomers, don't forget to go to the Character Page and then our Archives page to see what you've been missing.

A Classic Cleveland Blast From the Past Episode

The seldom seen
'Captain Rocket' episode
from Volume 1 of
"Hello, Cleveland!"

Come back Monday for some fresh
"Hello, Cleveland!"

Classic Cleveland
"The Funnies Paper"
Hey, all you
"Hello, Cleveland!"
fans in and around the Cape Cod area:
The Funnies Paper, a family friendly paper based in, but not limited to the Cape Cod area has picked up "HC!" for publication in their fine paper.
So pick up a copy today and
"Ogle Bogle!"
Thanks, true believers
-Charles Bogle
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